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First published on TECHNET on Sep 25, 2009

Back at MMS this year we presented a session on authoring reports. During that session my colleague Vitaly created a SQL stored procedure that allowed us to create a server overview report showing key server metrics such as Processor Count, Physical Memory, CPU Utilization, Availability and Logical Disk Space.  I have now eventually gotten round to making this report available in sample (non-production J ) form so you can see the approach we took.

This is a useful report as it draws server information from multiple data sources in the DW and presents them in a clear tabular form. It also enumerates all logical disks and presents their storage usage:

The report and the relevant stored procedures that it uses are in the Sample MP attached. Simply import and give it a go. Requires R2 RTM.

This report takes  group as a parameter and I also wanted to share this query as I have been asked about it several times. This returns a list of all groups similar to what you would see in the groups tab under authoring in the console.

SELECT DisplayName FROM vManagedEntity

Where ManagedEntityTypeRowID in (

SELECT ManagedEntityTypeRowID from dbo.ManagedEntityDerivedTypeHierarchy


SELECT ManagedEntityTypeRowId from vmanagedentitytype

Where managedentitytypesystemname = ''),0))

ORDER BY DisplayName

Lastly there is a second report in the Sample MP that allows you to view alerts generated by a particular MP:

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