Partner Demo: Lieberman Software –Enterprise Random Password Management Integration with SCSM
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First published on TECHNET on Jan 25, 2011

Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Management product allows a privileged user to “check out” a system password for a configurable period of time.  The password is randomly generated so that effectively only the user checking it out knows the password for that time period.  Once the period expires a new random password is generated effectively locking that person out from using the account.  This is great for incident management scenarios when someone needs to go fix a system but you don’t want them to necessarily have carte blanch access to the sensitive account all the time.   This integration with Service Manager make it easy to associate password check outs with particular incidents for traceability.  Further it will log any event in the ERPM system you choose in to SCSM as an incident.  For example, you could generate an incident based on a failed login.

Check out the demo video below, the press release , product information page on their web site , or the solution brief attached for more information.

This is a great solution for improving security!  It always amazes me the variety of different solutions that can be built on or integrated with SCSM!

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