Basic UI customization in the new Self Service Portal (HTML5)
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First published on TECHNET on Mar 15, 2016
With the new HTML5 Self Service portal, one of the key aspects is the level of customization which it supports. One of the basic things that everyone wants is to change the look and feel of the portal based on their requirements. Customization can be done very easily by adding a custom.css file in the \Content\css website folder, where styles defined in the custom.css file override the default styles (defined in \Content\css\main.css ) of the Self Service Portal.

You can watch a quick demo about basic Self Service Portal deployment & customizations in the following video. For more details, continue reading the blog.

Donato Pasqualicchio from the Service Manager community has published a few blog posts that provide details on how you can customize UI to your liking. You can refer to the following links from his blog:

Please note that Microsoft is only supporting customizations that are defined in these files: web.config , custom.css and sidebar.cshtml . During patching and upgrading to Service Manager 2016 (SCSM 2016) we will ensure that these files do not get updated.  The remaining files (such as .cshtml/.css/.js/.dll files) can be updated in a patch or during an upgrade, which could result in loss of any customization previously made.  In case if you have any changes in .cshtml, .css , .js or .dll, back them up before patching or upgrading, then merge the changes back in once the update is complete.
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