Meet the 2021 Imagine Cup World Finalists
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The 2021 Imagine Cup is where passion meets purpose, and student innovators can bring their boldest tech ideas to life to impact our world. This year’s all-digital competition saw thousands of teams developing projects in four categories that aligned with their passions: Earth, Education, Healthcare, or Lifestyle. Students were invited to complete the Microsoft Learn Challenge as the first step in their competition journey and form teams of one to four people to leverage innovative tech, like AI, Power Platform, and Big Data, to develop a project proposal to make a difference.  


We are consistently inspired by solutions students create to tackle common issues, and the 2021 competition is advancing with the selection of our World Finalist teams. 


2021 prizes  

These teams are heading to the next stage of the virtual World Finals to compete for USD10,000, Azure credits, and four spots in the World Championship. Runners-up will win USD2,500 and Azure credits. During the World Finals, teams will pitch their ideas to expert judgesdemo their tech, and engage in a question and answer sessionProjects will be judged on their innovative use of Azure technology, accessibility and inclusion, and marketability as a business idea.  


Meet the World Finalists! 


Earth category 

Team Green Guru, United States

Project: Green Guru

Team Green Guru.PNG

Team Intelligent Hives, Poland

Project: Intelligent Hives - Bee Monitoring System

Intelligent Hives.PNG

Team ProTag, New Zealand

Project: ProTag

ProTag Logo.PNG

Team SimplyLCA, Germany

Project: SimplyLCA


Team Spiffeng, Singapore

Project: IoT Hydroponic System

Spiffeng Logo.PNG

Team Virtual Radiologist, Nepal

Project: Pico Sat

Virtual Radiologist.jpg


Education category

Team Agent of Change, Japan

Project: Ujiyan

Agent of Change Logo.png

Team Cafrilearn, Kenya

Project: Makini


Team Hands-On Labs, United States

Project: Hands-On Labs - How can we enable every student to have a truly 'hands-on' learning experience' online?

Hands-On Labs.jpg

Team JAN/A, Czech Republic

Project: KnowledgePicker


Team Nyansapo AI, United States

Project: Digital Literacy Assessment

Nyansapo AI Logo.jpg

Team Tandemly, United States

Project: Tandemly


Team Myotics, Canada

Project: Myo Code



Team QueryCity, Pakistan

Project: QueryCity



Healthcare category

Team Atheia, United States

Project: Atheia


Team Breathe Mongolia, Mongolia

Project: Sky Watcher

Breathe Mongolia Logo.jpg

Team Cepha, United States

Project: Cepha


Team Cloud Access, Indonesia

Project: CardiWatch

CardiWatch Logo.png

Team Flourish, Canada

Project: flourish

Flourish Logo.png

Team Intelli-Sense, India

Project: Vision - the Blind Assist


Team JBAwesome, Singapore

Project: Phychant -- Development of Physical Disability and Speech Difficulties Assistant


Team K-CPR, Korea

Project: K-CPR


Team Neural Bionics, United States

Project: Neural Bionics

Neural Bionics.PNG

Team REWEBA, Kenya

Project: REWEBA (Remote Well Baby)


Team Guardian, United States

Project: Guardian Vision: A Novel Deep-Learning Based Fall Detection and Monitoring System for Senior Citizens

Team Guardian Logo.png

Team Ubo, Tunisia

Project: Ubo

Ubo Logo.png

Team AI Based Ophthalmology Grading, Pakistan

Project: AI Based Ophthalmology Grading



Lifestyle category 

Team Assurance, United States

Project: Assurance - Re(Imagine) Safety

Assurance Team.PNG

Team DataMasker, China

Project: WellMask


Team Detectd, India

Project: Detectd- A sophisticated Artificial Intelligence based online Deepfake Detection platform


Team SafeTandem, Singapore

Project: SafeTandem


Team Funtime, France

Project: Funtime


Team En#Plane, Korea

Project: HSG : Hate Speech Guard for Children

EnPlane Logo.PNG


Project: Power Monitoring System 


Team Mimibot, Singapore

Project: Mimibot

Mimibot Logo.PNG

Team Roball Go, China

Project: Intelligent Visual Inspection Spherical Robot with Active Drive and Recovery


Team Threeotech, Thailand

Project: JustSigns


Team Virtuoso Music, United States

Project: Virtuoso-Hyper-realistic AI Musician Using a Novel Multi-resolution Approach with deep convolutional neural networks

Virtuoso Music.png

Team Zephyr Air, United States

Project: Zephyr Air

Zephyr Air Logo.png


Follow the action

Congratulations to all these incredible young developers for making it this far! Follow their journeys on Instagram and Twitter as they head to the World Finals to pitch their projects 

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