Virtual Disk Service (VDS) documentation updates
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First published on TECHNET on Jun 11, 2008

This is a summary of recent revisions to the VDS documentation on MSDN.

1.       In the reference documentation for IVdsLunMpio::GetPathInfo ( ), this sentence was added to the Note to Implementers section:  “You only need to return information for paths on the computer where your hardware provider is installed.” The Remarks section now refers readers to the T11 committee's Fibre Channel HBA API specification.

2.       In the reference documentation for IVdsSubSystem::CreateLun ( ), Added information about QueryHints to the pHints parameter description.

3.       In the reference documentation for VDS_PATH_INFO ( ), the sourceId and pathId member descriptions were updated.

4.       In the reference documentation for VDS_SUB_SYSTEM_FLAG ( ), the description of the VDS_SF_SUPPORTS_SIMPLE_TARGET_CONFIG constant was updated.

5.       In the reference documentation for IVdsCreatePartitionEx::CreatePartitionEx ( ), the ullOffset and ulAlignment parameter descriptions were expanded to include alignment information, the Remarks section was expanded, and VDS_E_DISK_IS_READ_ONLY was added to the Return Value section.

6.       In the reference documentation for IVdsDiskOnline::Online ( ) and IVdsDiskOnline::Offline ( ), the Remarks section was expanded.

7.       In the reference documentation for IVdsVolumeMF::DeleteAccessPath ( ), the pwszPath parameter description was expanded, and a Remarks section was added.

8.       In each of the following topics, the unit information in the size parameters or members was corrected:

a.       VDS_PROVIDER_PROP ( )



d. IVdsCreatePartitionEx::CreatePartitionEx ( )

e. IVdsAdvancedDisk::CreatePartition ( )

9.       In the reference documentation for CHANGE_ATTRIBUTES_PARAMETERS ( ) and CREATE_PARTITION_PARAMETERS ( ), the attributes and partitionTypes tables were significantly revised.

-          Diane

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