The Storage Replica Video Series: Stretch Cluster Automatic Site Failover in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2
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First published on TECHNET on Jun 01, 2015
Hi folks, Ned here again. Storage Replica has many improvements in Windows Server 2016 TP2 , including new scenarios like cluster-to-cluster replication, an improved cluster wizard, and vastly superior performance. You haven’t tried SR since October? That’s alright, not everyone has time to download ISOs, build labs, and deploy eval code, just to decide if they even want to explore a new scenario. To help, I’ve created a series of SR scenario videos. They are each a few minutes long and hit the high points so you can decide your evaluation plans (and kick someone else to the curb).

To start, I will demo a disaster striking your Hyper-V Stretch Cluster running a live VM workload . An SR-enabled stretch cluster behaves much like a normal single-site cluster; you still get automatic and planned failover, administration through the graphical cluster snap-in, and most cluster role support. The big change is your cluster nodes now live in different datacenters, providing disaster protection to your high availability solution through synchronous replication. Zap a datacenter and everything automatically moves to the alternate site with zero data loss. Sweet.

So with this cumbersome blog title and its unwieldy server name firmly in hand, let’s see some video. These babies are native 1080P, so blow them up to a full window, crank the volume, and watch the magic.

Guess what I hate? The sound of my own voice…

There you go, a cluster surviving the onslaught of Jake . I mean, surviving datacenter power loss. That’s just what the government wants you to think!

I have five more videos ready to go and plenty in the pipeline – keep dropping in or watch twitter for series updates. It’s true, I finally joined social media after a twenty-year refusal. I feel greasy.

As always, sling mud at us via . If you want the world on your side, muster the proletariat on the Windows Server UserVoice storage page .

Tune in tomorrow for our new test tool!

Until next time,

-    Ned “Spielberg has nothing to fear” Pyle

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