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SQL Server is certainly fond of introducing the shortened versions of keywords. For example, these statements are equal:
EXECUTE procedure_name
EXEC procedure_name


In this case typing the whole "EXECUTE" keyword seems redundant.
With that said, I would like to propose the creation of a new keyword, an alternate for CREATE OR ALTER:

CREALTER - a simple, yet elegant way of delivering the same statement. Easily readable and understandable even for novice T-SQL Adepts. 

I think it would be a worthy addition to the SQL SERVER Syntax.


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CREALTER - a simple,

@Good_SQL_Idea ,

1. This is a community forum. MS employee may or may not read your post, so this is the wrong place for such requests => SQL · Community (


2. Using only the store procedure name works only, if the call is the first & only command in a batch, otherwise it fails.


3. Really so lazy to type some more letters, so that you need shortcuts? Then you have the wrong job.


Note: Some of this "feature" are from Sybase times; MS may remove then in future.

Microsoft SQL Server - Wikipedia => Milestones.