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On my Windows 10 PCs I have been using for many years a third party application (Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows) that used to depend on Microsoft SQL Server Express.

SQL Server Express was installed during Veeam Agent installation.

The latest release of Veeam Agent does not use anymore SQL Express, so I could uninstall it if not used by other applications.

Given that I have lots of applications on my PCs, how can I check that none uses SQL Express before uninstalling it?


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@Marius_Roma , SQL Server is a Windows Services, so shutdown the service and set "Start Type" = "Manually".

Wait a few weeks as usually and if no app raises an error regarding SQL Server, you can safely uninstall it.



For checking if any applications have been used by SQL server express you need to check this:

1) Check the SQL server configuration manager and expand SQL server services on the left panel. Check for instance containing express as "SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS)" or "MSSQLSERVER (SQLEXPRESS)".

2) Check with service management console by pressing windows + R and typing "services.msc" and open it. Look for all the services such as "SQL Server (INSTANCE_NAME)" and replace "INSTANCE_NAME" with actual instances. As well as kindly check if any of them rely on SQL Server Express.

By having these steps you can identify if any applications running are using SQL Server Express