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I am at home trying to mimic the production world. I have one computer and installed four virtual machines. One virtual machine is windows domain controller, the other three virtual machines are installed with windows server and SQL Server Developer Addition. On each of the machines I only have one instance of SQL Server installed. All machines have a static IP address and I can ping each machine even the domain controller. Each machine I am logging in as Administrator, but I am having a problem.  When I log into my instance of SQL Server on the virtual machine, I fire up SSMS and begin. The problem is if I am on this instance, I should be able to hit connect again and log into another instance of SQL Server which would be on the same computer, but different virtual machine. For some reason I cannot see any of the other instances of SQL accept the one that I am on. When I hit connect and look for another SQL Server non are there. For the life of me I cannot fathom why this is happening thereby hampering my High Availability Solutions Test. 

Can someone please help.

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