New Home for SQL Server Troubleshooting KB articles ..and for other commercial products
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Summary: SQL Server KB articles have migrated to DOCs at This excludes CU and hotfix which will remain currently on



What do you get:

  • Articles organized by support area: Improved discoverability, updated articles.
  • Automatic redirects to migrated articles. The original KB id of each of these articles are tracked in the text of the migrated version (e.g.: Original KB number:   2406745).
  • Some of the KB content was incorporated into the product documentation and those KB articles have been redirected to that content.
  • Lucid design and ease of navigation within each doc and all the rest of benefits that docs platforms provide.
  • Much cleaner portfolio of KB articles.
  • 25+  new error articles added alongside other error articles.
  • Ability to contribute to these troubleshoot to improve technical accuracy, correcting typos, suggesting better explanations etc.  The procedure is similar to what you would use to contribute to SQL docs.


Note: Hotfix/CU articles will continue to be serviced via (SMC), but you can still use our master version KB article at Determine the version, edition, and update level - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs to quicky find  information about latest builds and the corresponding CU articles for the same.

This marks phase one of our KB article clean-up and migration work we had started almost a year ago. During this time, we reviewed hundreds of these articles with different SMEs across Microsoft and grouped these articles into following categories:

  • Migrate as is – these are the articles that were deemed up to date and can be migrated ‘as is’ or with very minor updates.
  • Migrate with updates – these are the articles that had varied amounts of outdated information and needed to be updated before migration.
  • Redirect to another doc  - the KB article can be redirected to another doc which contains more up to date information.
  • Merge with existing document – there is another doc with more relevant information on the same subject that is covered in the KB, but some of the information present in the KB is missing in the doc. For these scenarios, we are merging the content from the KB into the relevant docs and redirecting the KB URL to the doc. This ensures that customer can find relevant information about a topic at one place.
  • Error pages – If the KB article was discussing a specific database engine error message, we used this opportunity to create error pages so that customers can search for these by using MSSQLServer_<Error number>. An example in this category is MSSQLSERVER_3988 - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs
  • Archive – These are the KB articles that are no longer relevant to any of the supported versions of SQL server or contained completely outdated information.


We will be adding more troubleshooting articles in this space in the coming days and making additional enhancements (enabling PR functionality, improvements to landing pages for each category etc.) to continue creating seamless experiences for our customers. As you may have noticed already, KB articles for other commercial products like Windows, IIS, System Center and others have also moved over to the new troubleshooting site.

We hope you enjoy this new experience and book mark this page for your troubleshooting needs and welcome any feedback regarding the same.

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