SQL Server Customer-Ready videos on Channel 9
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First published on MSDN on Mar 07, 2011

Channel 9 has posted a series of videos that talk about what’s coming up in SQL Server Denali. These short (< 10 minutes each) videos are done by members of the engineering team, and are meant to give customers a peek into the goals and visions on why certain SQL Server features were implemented.

The Integration Services video (embedded below) was done by Kevin McGuire.

The full list of videos is below:

Upgrade Your Database
Joe Yong

Data Programmability Tools :
Krzysztof Kozielczyk

SQL Server appliance
Britt Johnston

Parallel Data Warehouse
Dandy Weyn

SQL Server virtualization
Guy Bowerman

SQL Server security
Il-Sung Lee

SQL Server AlwaysOn
Justin Erickson

SQL Server backup compression
Kevin Farlee

SQL Server Integration Services
Kevin McGuire

SQL Server Non-Relational
Michael Rys

SQL Server CLR
RobAnn Mateja

SQL Server Data Compression
Sunil Agarwal

SQL Server Manageability
Vinod Jagannathan

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