Cannot connect to Sql Server Database in SSMS. Error 26

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Have you ever encountered this error? Please how do you fix it as I've tried to restart sql server on services but still not fixed
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Hi @PeaceAz, did you already solve the issue?


Hi @PeaceAz ,


There may be several things you may try.

We need to verify the access from your system to the server, the following steps may assist.


1. Can you ping the server from your location? Just to ensure the path is clear you can get to the server

2. Is there a firewall between you and the server?

Blocked ports will prevent communications; check out

3. Which protocols are you using with Sql Server? This may be determined by what is being used on the server via the Sql Server Configuration Manager. Ensure your client side tool

4. Are you using encryption in your environment? if so you may need to go to the advance tab on SSMS and ensure it is on.


I hope one of these options work for you.


Thank you, solved