ODBC Driver 17.2 for SQL Server Released
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First published on MSDN on Jul 11, 2018
We are pleased to announce an update to the Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server !  Version 17.2 brings a few added features and several fixed issues.


  • Support for Data Discovery and Classification information on Azure SQL Database and SQL Server

  • Support for UTF-8 server encoding

  • Support for Ubuntu 18.04

  • Idle Connection Resiliency support has been extended to Linux and macOS

    • The ConnectRetryCount and ConnectRetryInterval keywords can be specified in the connection string

      • Use SQL_COPT_SS_CONNECT_RETRY_COUNT (read only) to retrieve the number of connection retry attempts

      • Use SQL_COPT_SS_CONNECT_RETRY_INTERVAL (read only) to retrieve the length of the connection retry interval

      • Connections will be retried once by default

  • SQLBrowseConnect is now supported on Linux and macOS

  • On Linux and macOS, dynamic dependency on libcurl :

    • Starting with version 17.2, the libcurl package is not an explicit package dependency. The libcurl package for OpenSSL or NSS is required when using Azure Key Vault or Azure Active Directory authentication. If you encounter an error regarding libcurl , ensure it is installed.


This release also contains the following fixed issues:

  • Fixed an error message about Azure Active Directory Authentication

  • Fixed encoding detection when locale environment variables are set differently

  • Fixed a crash upon disconnect when connection recovery is in progress

  • Fixed detection of connection liveness

  • Fixed incorrect detection of closed sockets

  • Fixed an infinite wait when attempting to release a statement handle during a failed recovery

  • Fixed incorrect uninstallation behavior when both version 13 and 17 are installed on Windows

  • Fixed incorrect decryption behavior on older Windows platforms (Windows 7, 8 and Server 2012)

  • Fixed a cache issue when using ADAL Authentication on Windows

  • Fixed an issue which was locking and overwriting trace logs on Windows

Next steps

For Windows installations, you can download version 17.2 of the Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server here .

Linux and macOS packages are also available. For installation details see the online instructions .


We are committed to improving quality and bringing more feature support for connecting to SQL Server , Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL DW , and Azure SQL Managed Instance through regular driver releases. We invite you to explore the latest the Microsoft Data Platform has to offer via a trial of Microsoft Azure SQL Database or by evaluating Microsoft SQL Server .

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