IoT Smart Grid code sample
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First published on MSDN on Jun 15, 2016
This code sample simulates an IoT Smart Grid scenario where multiple IoT power meters are constantly sending measurements to a SQL Server 2016 in-memory database. The sample is leveraging the following features: Memory Optimized Tables , Table valued Parameters (TVPs), Natively Compiled Stored Procedures , System-Versioned Temporal Tables (for building version history), Clustered Columnstore Index , Power BI (for data visualization). The combination of these features could be used to improve performance in High Data Input Rate / Shock Absorber scenarios, as well as to address scenarios where a memory optimized table exceeds available memory (also referred to as memory cliff).

The v1.0 release of the sample, including binaries and easy setup scripts, is available here:
IoT Smart Grid code sample v1.0 Release

The source code along with instructions on how to configure and run the sample can be found here:
IoT Smart Grid Source Code

Please give the sample a try, and let us know what you think!
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