Syntex Product Updates - June 2021
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SharePoint Syntex brings advanced AI-powered content management to SharePoint and Microsoft 365. We’re excited to share the latest set of updates to Syntex in addition to new “how-to” documentation. This month we’re spotlighting new Content Center site templates for SharePoint, model publishing updates, accelerators for contract management, and more.




Content Center site template for non-licensed users

The Content Center provides creation and management interfaces for Syntex document understanding models. To increase awareness of these product capabilities and the time to train and evaluate a model’s effectiveness with your own content, we’re enabling this site template to all licensed SharePoint tenants. Users without a Syntex license will be able to build and test models in the Content Center but will not be able to publish models for live usage.

“Any” trained models cannot be applied to document libraries unless licenses are purchased; however, you’ll be able to use “anything” models trained prior to purchase. This feature is being tracked on the Microsoft 365 public roadmap as roadmap ID 82080 and will start targeted release in June 2021.


Note: This new site template must be created by SharePoint admins in the Admin Center and can be accessed in the “other options” menu.


Form processing model improvements

Form processing models trained using AI Builder allow you to automatically extract and save information from structured files (like invoices for tax documents) stored in a document library. We’re updating our experience to support collections (a named group of documents sharing a similar layout – a new feature in preview allowing you to compose several models into one) and extractable table item data. A library column stores the collection name in the library where the model is applied, allowing users to distinguish different file layouts processed by the same model.


Table extract in Syntex form processingTable extract in Syntex form processing


Then, Syntex saves extracted table data to a specified list and associates it with the uploaded file for easy viewing or additional automation. This feature is being tracked on the Microsoft 365 public roadmap as roadmap ID 82064 and will start targeted release in June 2021.


Developer support: SharePoint Syntex REST APIs

Earlier this year, we introduced the new features available for developers to distribute and work with document understanding models in Syntex. As developer support is top of mind for the SharePoint Syntex product team, we have documented the available Syntex REST calls/operations in Microsoft Docs. Also in these documents, we included how to create and apply two “classify & extract” Power Automate flows – one for single file processing, the other for all files in library processing. With these documents, you’ll be able to more easily integrate Syntex.


Contract management guidance

In addition to these new features, we’ve also published a Microsoft Docs how-to article on creating contracts management solutions with Syntex and other components of Microsoft 365. This how-to provides guidance and a framework that you can use to plan and create the right solution for your unique business needs.



We’re continuing to improve and enhance Syntex and we’ll share new features with you as they become available. To stay current on Knowledge and Content Services, and products updates like those listed here, subscribe to the Microsoft Viva newsletter.


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