SharePiont online - Remote Event Receiver is not triggering

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I have created Remote Event Receiver for SharePoint  Online with Provided Host for List Item added event.

the web app is deployed properly. and add-in app also deployed properly


however, when add item it is not triggered. when I check the installed app monitor details in my sitecollection.. there is an Installed error like



The remote event receiver callout URL is invalid.
Details: Failed to create an absolute Url from the string '~remoteAppUrl/Services/AppEventReceiver.svc'. The string may contain invalid tokens.


can you please assist me to resolve this




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@Arul_Britto why not just build a flow in Power Automate with the "when an item is created" SharePoint trigger?


Los Gallardos
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Hi Rob,
Thanks for your response. My scenario is not only for one Library. it is for multiple Libraries which will be created dynamically based on end user request. and the same usecase for around 40 sitecollections.
In this case, we needs to create MSFlow for each Libraries and very hard to handle also.
So, we planned to go with RER.

Thanks and Regards,