Private CDN + Picture Library + Content Search

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We've enabled Private CDN for a Picture Library and it is working fine outside of Search. When using a Content Search Web Part configured with the Large Picture item display template we are getting the boxed question mark with the "Sorry, we can't find an image for this item" tooltip message:



Default property mappings are in place for the Picture URL slot (PublishingImage;PictureURL;PictureThumbnailURL):


However, only PictureThumbnailURL will render an image, which is low-res and grainy.


Does anyone have any ideas?

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Additional information:

  1. The Contet Search web part in question is on a Term-Driven page with Friendly URL
  2. It worked fine before enabling Private CDN for the library
  3. Auto-rotate in Picture Slideshow web part on another page works fine (this is why we enabled CDN)

It does appear as if the web part is requesting the images, but they are not being served; on a page with four results, one gives an HTTP Status of 406 and the other three give a 503:


CC: @Vesa Juvonen

Adding fuel to the fire:


Interesting: Clicking on any Refiner on page shows the pictures, as does simply adding #k= to the end of the friendly URL; when this happens the src attribute of all of the images doesn't point to Private CDN...