Event Based retention 365 Security and compliance

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Hi All,


I am looking to trigger event-based retention in 365.


In our SharePoint libraries for team sites i wish all documents to be given the site/team name by default. 

in our case each site is a client. therefore we wish each document to have that client (as per site name) labelled as such.


i can create a custom column and then default that value per library settings. However, when i create an event (end of client relationship) and search for hits against that custom column i get no hits. Example:


Custom column name = client

Value = Client 123


in event based retention withing compliance centre i trigger an event and then look for the terms in the Assed ID's item box. I use the search:

client:client 123


But there are no hits. If i put the client name (client 123) into the ComplianceAssetID clumn then i get hits. However, there is no way to default the value for the ComplainceAssetID field.

So, how can i:


Ensure that a custom column field is seen in event-based retention is getting hits?


Default the ComplianceAssetID data for all documents in that Library

Set ComplianceAssetID column to auto-polulate using the Site name

Any ideas?!!



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