Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management Preview now available

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First published on CloudBlogs on Jul, 16 2012

We’re delighted to bring information protection and rights management to Microsoft’s Office 365 Preview cloud offering with the today’s beta launch of Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management. With Windows Azure AD Rights Management, customers can protect their data by encrypting and managing access rights, including Office documents, Exchange email, and SharePoint document libraries across Office 365 preview services and applications. The technology is highly integrated into Office 2013 Preview, Exchange Online Preview, and SharePoint Online Preview, and offers a seamless experience for both end users and administrators in document authoring, email, and SharePoint publishing.

Some of the benefits include:

Safeguarded sensitive information

  • Users can protect their data directly using the Office Suite and ISV rights-management enabled applications.  No additional steps are required – authoring documents, sending email, and publishing to SharePoint offer a consistent data protection experience.

Protection travels with the data

  • Customers remain in control of who has access to their data, whether in the cloud, existing IT infrastructure, or at the user’s desktop. Customers can choose to encrypt their data and restrict access according to their business requirements.

Integrated with Office 2013 Preview and Office 365 Preview services

  • Consistent rights management policy and data protection is applied and enforced throughout the Office 365 services and Office applications. Users can author, access, and manage their information safely, whether from a mobile device, Windows desktop, file share, email, or SharePoint libraries.  Customers can choose to collaborate and share their data securely with other Office 365 users, and know their policies are enforced consistently and their information remains protected.

Default information protection policies

  • Administrators and users can use standard policies for many common business scenarios: "Company Confidential –Read Only" and "Do Not Forward." A rich set of usage rights are supported such as read, copy, print, save, edit, and forward to allow flexibility in defining custom usage rights.

Using Windows Azure AD Rights Management, all these scenarios are seamless enabled with no additional administrator installation or deployments required. Learn more about the Windows Azure AD Rights Management at our at Technet site .

Check back shortly for a follow on post from Tejas Patel, a program manager on the Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management team, for detailed steps on how you can enable this with the Office 365 Preview.



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