Users capable of passwordless authentication show incorrect staff numbers

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Hi All,


I set up Passwordless Authentication, as follows:


Endpoint Manager


Config Profile

Identity Protection

Added devices to Test Group in stages

Applied to devices and staff can now use WHFB to log in on work laptops


This works well. However, I wanted to check easily who hadn't had the profile applied. I was going into Azure Sign-in logs and checking staff for login authentication but thought there must be an easier report to use. 


Found the Azure Authentication Methods-Activity report and this shows only 4 out of 53 Users are capable of passwordless authentication - I can't understand this, as on the same screen it shows all devices registered as WHFB in the graph below. The screenshot only shows a few examples but the

list goes down all showing not capable.





For the 4 devices it says are capable of passwordless authentication, I cannot see any difference to those listed as not. Every other device is logging in using Business Hello (bar 1 in the screenshot as haven't added to the WHFB group yet)


Just wondered why there is a discrepancy in what is being reported.




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