Unveiling digital threats: East Asia’s emerging threat landscape
Published Oct 05 2023 10:32 AM 2,808 Views

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In a recent report from the Microsoft Threat Analysis Center (MTAC), we delve into the evolving threat landscape originating from East Asia, with a specific focus on China, which conducts widespread cyber and influence operations (IO), and North Korean cyber threat actors, who are demonstrating increased sophistication. As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, so do the strategies and tactics employed in these regions.


Here are some key takeaways:

  • Chinese cyber operations: China has significantly intensified its cyber activities, targeting regions such as the South China Sea, the US defense sector, and critical infrastructure. Chinese state-affiliated threat groups are employing various tactics to achieve their objectives.
  • Chinese influence operations: China’s influence operations have become more sophisticated, especially on social media. They engage with authentic users, impersonate voters and reputable academic institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and employ advanced tactics to manipulate online discourse. Additionally, China has a growing network of multilingual social media influencers promoting its narratives and spreading Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda.
  • North Korean cyber operations: While not as sophisticated as China, North Korea remains a cyber threat. North Korean threat actors are increasingly involved in intelligence collection, cryptocurrency theft, and supply chain attacks, demonstrating their evolving capabilities.

The report highlights the cybersecurity implications of these activities, including potential disruptions to critical infrastructure and the need for increased vigilance in defending against cyber threats from East Asia.


This summary provides a glimpse of the East Asia report’s comprehensive insights into the evolving cyber threat landscape in the region.


For an in-depth analysis, you can access the full report on Microsoft Security Insider | Cyber Propaganda & Influence Ops: Rising Asia-Pacific Threats. 

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