Sticky Note security

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Is there a way to manage it across users in a company?

Are they stored in the Microsoft ecoenvironment?

Are they encrypted? 


What security features does  sticky notes provide? 


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Sticky Notes is using SQLite as a database provider. Unless user enable synchronization, data are stored on the local user machine in the


There is no centralized space for the management of notes, that application is not mentioned to be strongly managed, rather use as quick way of saving reminders.

If the user allows synchronizing the data, the data will be synced in the MS Environment, and the fact, that we live in 2020, makes it rather obvious that synchronized data will be encrypted. 





@Arek Kozuch we are trying to determine how a coworker's Sticky Notes that she entered using her enterprise O365/M365 account on her work laptop came to be displayed on her personal Microsoft account on her personal mobile device. We think she may have logged into her personal Microsoft account using her work laptop and that the Sticky Notes synchronized between the enterprise account and the personal account because they were on the same device. Can you provide any info on this? Thanks.