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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Secure Score Summary Refresh

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Does anyone know how often the Secure Score Summary should update? I initially thought this was every 24 hours at 1am but have since found that this is not the case and I am not sure how often it should update and if the 1am if GMT or another region. 

Is there also any way to update the secure score manually outwith the refresh time. Its very annoying making suggested changed and then not being able to check the updated score correctly for days at a time.



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Here is the official explanation (from the FAQ:(


"The score is calculated once per day (around 1:00 AM PST). If you make a change to a measured action, the score will automatically update the next day. It takes up to 48 hours for a change to be reflected in your score."


That works out to be 1 am Pacific Time, which appears to be 9 am GMT, once per day.  So that means after a change has been made which is scored, it can take up to three days to be reflected, based on the above info.  


There isn't a way to trigger a manual scan that I am aware off, I agree it would be useful option.

Thanks for the info from the FAQ. Its a shame this does not work or is currently not working. I know I made measured changes well over 48 hours ago that have still not been updated on our score.


There needs to be a way to check the changes made have worked or been enough to remove the action without having to constantly wait over 48 hours to check if it is right or not. 


Agreed, the delay isn't ideal and sometimes as you have noticed, it can take even longer to get updated measures scored.

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Hi Everyone,


The score should be calculated every day.  The process to do this starts at about 1AM pacific time but it will take a few hours to run.  There are also instances where the job fails and we need to restart it so this might be why you don't see it updated at the exact same time every day.

@Cian Allner 


Apparently the official documentation isn't always true. I'm about half an hour away from 1:00 AM at the moment, so I'll see if my score bothers to refresh after 48 hours.




It did refresh after 48 hours.