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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Old Tenant Name visible in Outlook Desktop Client under Protect button

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I have a two accounts (two is a minimum to see Tenant Name in front of your email address) added to Outlook Dekstop client.

When i create new email and try to Encrypt email using Options > Encrypt button i can see Old tanant name in front of my email address.

Organization Settings in admin portal were changed, change is visible in azure portal as well but old tenant name is still visible in outlook.

I've found PS command Get-AipServiceKeys which showed me AipServiceKey where old tenant name is visible.


Contoso is an OldTenantName


Tried to user Set-AipServiceKeyProperties with -RefreshSlcName switch on this key but even command completed succesfully, there is still old name visible under FriendlyName property when i run Get-AipServiceKeys

Do you know how to generete new key with correct FriendlyName or how to refresh name in current AipServiceKey?
Thanks for your help
PS. Microsoft is trying to find answer for my issue since december and there is no any valuable feedback from them.

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HI .. I have the same issue in 2 different tenants. Have you ever been able to solve this?
I appreciate your answer. Thank you.