Oauth not return token for service account

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Hi all,

I'm not able to authenticate via Oauth2 from Mulesoft to Azure with a service account and need some help.

This is what I have done so far.

I create a app via  'App registrations' in Azure, when I authenticate agains it with my user account it works fine. But as soon as I hase the service account or any other acount it fails. I have added the service account to the app registers group of valid uses and no luck. Even if I make the service account global admin it still does not work. I keep getting Token not passed back.

Is my understanding correct the at the point of token issues  the down stream Dynamics 365 is not yet authiticating and that it is only Azure the Authenticates and provides the token back and App URI?


Do I need to do something special to allow the service account to use the registered App?


Any thought on how else I can test this besides via the Mulesoft D365 connector?


Thank heaps



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