New Blog Post | Querying WHOIS/RDAP with Azure Sentinel and Azure Functions



Querying WHOIS/Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) with Azure Sentinel and Azure Functions - Mi...

With the amazing increase in domains and top-level domains (TLD's) on the Internet, it's difficult to know just where our users are going. Newly registered domains, domain generation algorithms, and typo-squatting are all tactics used by adversaries to compromise users. Recently I was talking with a customer about Azure Sentinel and they had a question about if and how they could raise an alert when a user received an email from a newly registered domain (by their definition this was any domain that had been registered in the last thirty days).  While we don't have a built-in feature for this in Sentinel, it is possible to extend Sentinel to include this type of functionality. This blog post is about one way that such an extension could be created. 

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