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Apr 03 2024, 07:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)
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New Blog Post | Microsoft Announces the General Availability - Microsoft Compliance Extension Chrome



Microsoft Compliance Extension for Chrome

Microsoft’s unified Data Loss Prevention solution provides a simple and unified approach to protecting sensitive information from risky or inappropriate sharing, transfer, or use. 


Today we are pleased to announce the General Availability of the Microsoft Compliance Extension for Chrome, available from the Chrome web store here 


Many organizations use the Chrome browser to support sensitive workflows and with this extension, customers now have Microsoft DLP and Insider Risk Management capabilities within the Chrome browser of their onboarded endpoint devices, so they can: 

  • Use Chrome as an approved browser with DLP for working with sensitive data 
  • Create custom and fine-grained DLP policies for Chrome to ensure sensitive data is properly handled and protected from disclosure including: 
    • Audit mode: Records policy violation events without impacting end-user activity 
    • Block with Override mode: Records and blocks the activity, but allows the user to override when they have a legitimate business need 
    • Block mode: Records and blocks the activity without giving the user the ability to override  
  • Use DLP events from Microsoft Compliance Extension for Chrome to support Insider Risk Management assessments and investigations 
  • Deliver new insights related to the obfuscation, exfiltration, or infiltration of sensitive information by insiders. For more information on Insider Risk Management, check out the Tech Community blog. 


With the Microsoft Compliance Extension for Chromeusers are automatically alerted when they take a risky action with sensitive data and are provided with actionable policy tips and guidance to remediate properly. 


As with other Microsoft unified DLP capabilities, the Microsoft Compliance Extension for Chrome provides the same familiar look and feel that users are already accustomed to from the applications and services they use every day. This reduces end-user training time and alert confusion and increases user confidence in the prescribed guidance and remediation offered in the policy tips. This approach can help improve policy compliance – without impacting productivity.


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