Delegate access for Advanced Security Management

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How do I give someone access to Advanced Security Management without giving them Office 365 global administrator ?

There is getting started guide for ASM

It says: "You get started with Advanced Security Management by signing in to Office 365 as a Global Administrator or Security Administrator for Advanced Security Management, and turning on the feature... "


What is this role "Security Administrator for Advanced Security Management" and how can I add members to it ?

I cannot find any documentation that would describe it.

Searching google for "Security Administrator for Advanced Security Management" returns two results, both pointing to the getting started guide Smiley Indifferent

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I think it's just another case of the documentation being well ahead of actual feature rollout.

Get your Admin to asign you compliance manager or security manager role. You will also need some exchange on line roles. Even if you do not use exchange online.
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Security Admin is a MSOL (MS Online) role and you can manage it via the MS Online Powershell.

First dump the roles:


Next locate the ObjectID for the Security Administrator role and copy that.

Now run get-MSOLRoleMember to view who has this role 

To add you run:

Set-MSOLRoleMember -ObjectID <value> -RoleMemberEmailAddress <value>


Hope this helps.

For those coming after, the actual syntax is:

Add-MSOLRoleMember -RoleObjectID <ObjectID> -RoleMemberEmailAddress <EmailAddress>