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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Customized Outlook Pop-Up Message Not Working

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Using the Security & Compliance Center PowerShell and the advanced settings options, I have created two OutlookCollaborationRules to customize the pop-up messages for Outlook.  The Rule1 is a BLOCK and uses LabelA, the Rule2 is a WARN and uses LabelB.  Rule2 is not working, only Rule1.  I have also configured the "outlookblockuntrustedcollaborationlabel" for LabelA and the "outlookwarnuntrustedcollaborationlabel" for LabelB.  I have tested each rule individually to make sure there are no configuration issues with the json file and when used one at a time, they both work correctly.  Am I missing something in the configuration to allow for more than one customized pop-up?  Thanks.

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Update - This is a bug with the current AIP Unified Client (2.11.58). If an image file is located in the Outlook email, only one customized pop-up will work (we have image files in our company signatures). Removing the image solved the problem. The next version of the AIP Unified Client is supposed to fix this.