Celebrate 20 years of Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Microsoft
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This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which signifies a global movement where Microsoft collaboration with organizations across the world to amplify the importance of being cyber smart. The focus of this moment is reinforcing the critical role of cybersecurity best practices and raising awareness that people, not technology, are organizations’ first and last lines of defense against cyber threats.


With data breaches resulting in staggering costs and phishing attacks occurring at astonishing speed, it is vital to emphasize the importance of helping people understand that everyone has a role to play in cybersecurity.  In this matter, Microsoft is dedicated to educating both individuals and organizations in important behaviors that include advocating for passwordless authentication and multifactor authentication, staying up to date with devices and software management and other crucial components of a robust cybersecurity strategy, such as combatting phishing attacks through education and vigilance.


Whilst all organizations are targets for cyber criminals, small and medium-sized businesses are in even more vulnerable positions, as they often lack resources or a dedicated team to protect their digital environments. That’s why Microsoft extends a hand to these businesses, providing tailored cybersecurity solutions and offering promotions and innovations during Cybersecurity Awareness Month.


Microsoft's commitment extends to innovation in cybersecurity. The company's extensive investments in artificial intelligence (AI) translate into comprehensive, end-to-end security solutions. In addition to protecting organizations, Microsoft prioritizes individual users' safety, introducing features like credit monitoring and enhanced privacy protection.


With the growth and sophistication of cyber threats, our industry also needs more cybersecurity professionals, and because of this Microsoft also focused on cybersecurity education and skilling worldwide, with programs spanning primary and secondary schools, colleges, and professional certifications. Collaborations with organizations such as Girl Security and Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) aim to enhance diversity within the industry while bringing new potential professionals to the workforce.


Cybersecurity Awareness Month represents a global initiative for refreshing cybersecurity awareness, equipping individuals with new security skills, and emphasizing collective efforts to create a safer digital world. By exploring Microsoft's cybersecurity educational resources, users can actively participate in this crucial mission and make the world a safer place.


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