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Azure Purview advances support for SaaS applications – Salesforce scan
Published Dec 10 2021 10:29 AM 3,885 Views

Azure Purview empowers you to bring over metadata from various data sources, and automates data discovery by providing data scanning as a service for assets across your data estate. Azure Purview keeps advancing support for SaaS applications. Now you can easily scan Salesforce to extract metadata and populate your data map.


Register and scan Salesforce

Purview data source administrators can start by registering Salesforce under the data map, and set up reoccurring or one-time scan. Purview supports scanning the entire Salesforce organization or only the selective objects with interest, and can extract metadata including Salesforce organizations, objects, fields, foreign keys, and unique constraints.



Search and browse assets

Once the scan completes, you can discover assets via search or browse.

You can search for the Salesforce assets by keyword, and narrow down results by using the facet filters.



To browse, click on the “Browse assets” tile on the Purview home page, navigate to the “By source type” tab and select Salesforce. You can then see the list of Salesforce assets brought in by the scan.



View and manage metadata

Click into the asset to view more details. You can also add business metadata like descriptions, glossary terms, and manually classify the data assets.



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