New Channel Notification options now in GCC
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It can sometimes be challenging to manage the volume of notifications that come from your colleagues’ activity in Microsoft Teams. Even managing the lack of volume (ie trying not to miss those few messages that appear in a rarely used Channel) can be problematic. Using Hide/Show on your favorite teams and channels helps keep things organized, and making sure your Notifications settings are tuned to your own preferences is important:




Now, in addition to those options, new channel notification options have been released to Microsoft Teams in GCC. They can be found thru the ellipse button next to a channel:




At this level, you can see that we have the ability per channel to decide whether to turn off all the activity notifications of perhaps a particularly chatty channel, while still maintaining a different setting for the rest of the channels in that team.



If we use the Custom choice, we see that we have the opportunity to get even more granular with our options for that channel:




Some of the ideas for new scenarios this might help you enable include things like:


  • I’m interested in knowing when a new topic of conversation starts here, but I’ll uncheck “Include all replies” so I don’t have to see everyone’s response to the new topic.
    • For example: “Welcome Mary Smith to the Team!”
      • “Welcome Mary!”
      • “Welcome Aboard!”
      • “Glad you’ve joined us.”
      • “Congrats Mary!”
      • …..

  • I have team members in this channel that use the Channel Mentions a little too often. However, I’m okay with how they’re used elsewhere. Let me turn them off for this channel only.

  • Someone created a new channel on a subject that I’m really interested in following. Let me turn on “Include all replies” so I make sure I don’t miss anything.

Hopefully you see how this feature can help you gain even greater control over your notifications experience in Microsoft Teams.

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