Microsoft To Do web app launching in GCC

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Microsoft To Do is a task management tool that helps you stay productive, manage your day, and collaborate with your colleaguesWe are pleased to announce that it’s now available for use by customers in GCC tenants via the web appas well as integration in Outlook on the web.  Other platforms (desktop, mobile) are not available yet in GCC. 


The web app provides access to My Day and all the other familiar task list types, including Shared Lists to help you collaborate with other people in your organization: 


to do pic 1.png


In Outlook on the web, you have the convenience of having your tasks alongside your email messages, including the ability to drag messages and convert them into To Do tasks: 



to do gif.gif



No admin action is needed to enable To Do for GCC tenantsFeatures that are not yet available in GCC at this time include push notifications for reminders, and the ability to share task lists outside your organization.  


For more information, check out the support page. 

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Is there any work being done for a To-Do app for iOS and Android devices in GCC Tenants?  

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Very exciting to see GCC getting To-Do! What about work on a GCCH version? Is there any information regarding when and if GCCH will be receiving To-Do?

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@Ricardo Wilkins Why is there not a To Do icon in our app launcher in in GCC? The integration points are there for Outlook, etc but you cannot just go to the apps launcher in our GCC tenant and just open Microsoft To Do. Whats up with that? I have asked that question of MS Premier but I havent received a good answer from them on that. Can you provide some insight or a timeline for that? 

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GCC High when? Please and thank you.

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Would love to see this in GCC High - not seeing it in the current roadmap. @microsoft please add!

Microsoft 365 roadmap (Filtered for GCC High +Outlook)

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When will the mobile apps work with To Do?


@4BobRandall Please take another look - I hear the Office365 app launcher is now available in the GCC Office365 apps portal page.


Mobile app in GCC still TBD.

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@Ricardo Wilkins Are there any plans to bring this to GCC High?  A lot of senior leadership is asking for this capabilities.  Thanks.

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