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Good afternoon


I've created a flow that will send an email to three recipients upon the creation of an entry in a SharePoint List.  2 of the recipients don't change however a the third does on a regular basis (from a drop down on the Power App that I have created (using the people finder).


The Flow works fine whenever I create an entry however, anyone else its errors out with:


"You are not authorised to send mail on behalf of the specified sending account". 
Any ideas how to get around this (I've put all the effected users as owners of the Flow but it still doesn't work correctly for them).
Being an End User I don't have access to any Admin areas or have the ability to influence the changing of any admin settings.
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The problem is the "from account" you are sending the email from. What action step are you using to send the email? There are a few to choose from.

The error you have suggests that you have permission to send from the specified mailbox but your colleagues don't. What email address have you set the action step up to send from?

@BrendanE1535 Thank you very much for responding.  


The below is the email part of the flow.  I will admit this is where much current knowledge of Flow ends, when you say There are a few to choose from, I won't lie I'm not 100% sure on what you are referring to.




Ok, the action step looks fine. The problem is the "off_going Email". Your colleagues don't have permission to send as this email address.

You can do one of two things:
- remove the value in "From (Send as)". This will make the email go directly from your (or your colleagues) email address.
- Ask your administrator to allow "Send as" access on whatever email address you have assigned to "off_going Email" for your colleagues. This is something they can do in the exchange admin centre.

so removing off_going email, the email will go from the user who is utilising the app showing their name as the sender?
That is correct.
awesome i'll implement that tonight and see what happens on tomorrows shift handover. Thank you very much for your help.
So had another user use the Power App today, email sends find thank you, however the email is coming from my account as opposed to his.
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@kmarshallsay as you are the owner of the flow a Send an email (v2) will always come from you. In my company we don't use Send an email (v2) unless they are personal flows, we always have a shared mailbox related to the subject (e.g. HR-Induction, HR-Leavers, Application-Support etc etc) and then use the "Send an email from a shared mailbox" action.


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Thank you guys, so changed the email to a Shared Mailbox and then put the off going shift dynamic expression into the body of the email so that management know who the last person on shift was.