Power Automate copy file without full rights

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I would like to use Power Automate to copy file from one sharepoint to another, but regarding destination sharepoint i only have access to a sub folder, not the root. It seems like it is preventing to use to use the move file or copy file actions. Is that really the case? I mean that seems to me quite frequent cases where i wouldn't have access to whole sharepoint. That's a pity. Is there any known work around?


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If you meant different SharePoint tenants by "one SharePoint to another", then as per my knowledge Copy File or Move file action won't work.


You first need to get file content using "Get File Content" action where you should use connection of source tenant and then you need to copy file using "Create file" action where you can use connection of destination tenant.


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@kalpeshvaghela , thank you very much. Exactly what i was looking for and it does work well