Extract contact emails from SP list and open a blank email ready to populate with content

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I'm wondering if this is even possible. All my searches lead me to what I am already familiar with i.e. sending automated emails with pre-built content based on various triggers. 


What I am now looking to do is use a manually triggered flow to pull the list of email addresses from a SP list column and dump them into a blank email that I can then fill out. 


Is this even possible or is there a better way to go about what I want to do?

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@dave-39421857 there is no email action in Power Automate that will allow you to just open a new email for you to write the content. But you could do this with Power Apps. Have a look at Shane Young's video on YouTube here.


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Appreciate the response. Good to know I didn't miss something and thats its not possible. I'll dig into the power apps solution you linked to. Looks like it will do exactly what I want. Now I just need to get my head around Power apps 



Thanks for that, I'll go the Power Apps route. Appreciate the link too, helps me understand how to go about this