Dealing with empty Person fields in Flow

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I am trying to build a flow connected to a SharePoint list with a few person fields. However if I try to access any of the person fields and they are blank, it chokes. I even get an error if I try to test the field for null or empty. I'm not sure how to proceed. These are not required fields. 


The error I get is something along the lines of:


The template language expression 'triggerBody()?['PersonField']['DisplayName']' cannot be evaluated because property 'DisplayName' cannot be selected.


Doesn't seem to matter which field I'm trying to get: Claims, DisplayName, Email, etc 

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Hi @Courtney Prothero,


I would look at setting variables as shown here:


You will need to use conditions to then check the value of the people fields before doing anything with them.

Thanks for the quick answer.This helped me clarify things a little. In case it helps anyone else, here's what I had to do.


Initialize variables for each field (no value). 

Try a condition against each person field, testing the Object field itself (not Claims, DisplayName, etc) for null. 

Then if it wasn't null, I could assign the right value to the variable. 


I think my problem was that I was testing my conditionals against a value in the object, not the object itself.


Thanks again.