CDS: Database not being provisioned

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This is my second attempt to start my conversation after my previous one was marked as spam and irreversibly deleted. Let's see how things work out now.


I am an absolute beginner to PowerApps and I am testing CDS. Whenever trying to set up a New Environment I get a "Provisioning Database ..." message which actually never happens (by never I mean within < 2 hrs.)


Is this a bug or do I lack proper licensing? I am presently on Office 365 ProPlus and one environment is being set up automatically. I am assuming that I might be able to create only one environment with my current license.


Can anyone point me to resources on CDS? Coming from Excel, I am assuming that I should be able see a data view, very much like in Power Pivot. Does CDS provide any DAX-like capabilities to write measures and calculate columns?


That said, are there any PowerApps & Flow resources targeted at beginners, very much like Tim Leung's "Beginning PowerApps" (wich I am currently working through, by the way).




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