User is able to create a Flow in a deleted environment

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I have tested the following: created an environment with the global admin account and clicked on "add everyone in my org" to make all users admin of the environment. Signed in with a normal account and created a Flow in this environment. 


Deleted the environment with the account I used to create it. This takes around 10 seconds. The Flow created with the other account was also deleted (was hoping for a notification, the Flow being moved to the default environment etc., but that's not the case. The Flow is gone.). While the environment was being deleted, I was able to create another Flow in the same environment. 


The environment is gone. The admin account can't see it,  but the environment does exist. The normal account can create Flows in the environment and they work. The normal account also doesn't see the environment in the Flow admin center, but it's available in the menu in the top right corner. Don't have the option to make changes to the environment or delete it. 


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Have you tried to see what happens if you removed the deleted site from the recycle bin?

Don't think there is a recycle bin for Flow environments, at least not that I know of. The only 2 places where I can see environments is in the top right corner at (clicking on your username allows you to select the environment where you want to create a Flow) and at 


This trick allows users to create an environment for Flows which is hidden from the tenant/Flow admin. Don't think this will happen accidentally as the second user has to create a Flow in the environment while it is being deleted by the user that created the environment. The only way to delete the environment now is by reaching out to Microsoft support as nobody can see the environment at 



I was referring to the SPO Site Collections Recycle bin

Just checked. The SPO Site Collections Recycle bin is empty. My assumption was that the only way to manage environments is by navigating to Have created a ticket for this. Will update thread when I have new information. 

Just got a call from support with an update on this. They are working on a fix. This is caused by caching and the environment and Flow should be deleted eventually. Just checked and can confirm that they have now been deleted.