Replicating a SharePoint 2013 Workflow into Power Automate

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I have setup a PowerApps within SharePoint Online, which will populate a word document but fill in the document control and select a template based on the template chosen and also the type of document.


However I need it to rename the files based on a SharePoint list so that it sets the name in a our corporate naming convention.


in SharePoint. 2013, we had a workflow that changed the variables and then created the document and named it etc. I would like to replicate this in SharePoint online using PowerAutomate. 

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@Deleted ,

There is no direct option to rename file. You have to read Meta Data, File Properties , Content from action given by Power Automate. Then create file as and delete old file.


Refer this URL for more info-


I hope its clear to you.




On SharePoint 2013 we had this workflow that set the variable for DocNum & DocRef based on a SharePoint list that has the information 




It then applies the variable(s) and sets the name with also populating the information from a SharePoint list form:

@Deleted ,


I thin MDS Core document Type is List you have. You can read List data into Power Automate Variable using Get Item Action.


If you have single item in List then use First () Filter otherwise filter data as per your expectation. Its just clue not all steps.










@ShivajiDhole This is what I have so far, but I am unable add an initialise variable to the 'if yes' section. Not sure whether I should be creating two separate flows or do this in a different way