PowerApps - Remove user licenses and users from environment.

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We had previously assigned the products 'Flow for Office 365' and 'PowerApps for Office 365' to all the users in the company - Microsoft 365 E3.


We have now disabled both the products for all the users in the company: (licenses and apps)

  • The apps do not show up in the waffle menu.
  • The apps do not show up in portal.office.com

But the users are still able to login to make.powerapps.com and flow.microsoft.com. My assumption is that if the aforementioned products are not assigned to the user, then the user should not be able to login to the default environment, instead, the user can sign up for a trial version.


What is also see is that the users are listed under 'Enabled Users' in the default environment - powerapps admin center.


Is there any way to remove the users from the 'Enabled Users' list? 

  • Users should only be able to sign up for the trial version(I know that this cannot be blocked).
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Hi @Vinod_Bhargavan 


Did you tried remove PowerApps application from Users admin?


Hi @Paulo Junior ,


Yes, I have already done that - but the users still have access.

See this link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-automate/organization-q-and-a#what-is-the-power-automate-free...

What is the Power Automate Free Plan?
The Power Automate Free Plan is used only for tracking purposes. Enabling or disabling it has no effect on a user's ability to create flows. If you disable the Power Automate Free Plan, it becomes enabled again when a user logs in. This is the expected behavior.

... you can try User Voice (https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Power-Apps-Ideas/idb-p/PowerAppsIdeas/status-key/Started)

I got this to work. Thank you!


I had to do it in the following way:

  • Disable all product licenses associated with PowerApps - user can still access make.powerapps.com
  • Delete a browser cookie set for make.powerapps.com - access disabled. (please check the attachment)

The cookie is what was driving us crazy but that has been sorted out.