PowerApps Lookup Limitation

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Right now there seems to be a limit on the number of "lookup" fields that a list can have if you want to create a PowerApp connected to that list. Currently set to no more than 8 fields. This includes Person/group lookup and list lookup fields. I am trying to build a POC list that utilizes the underlying links to the person profile inherent in a person/group lookup field so that we do not have to collect and manage the additional user information, just the persons name. Letting users click on a persons name to access all of their info in their Delve profile, as well as all of the other features available with a person lookup in SharePoint Online. The issue is if I am only limited to 8 person fields and my company tracks more department heads than that, what options do I have if I want to customize the forms. Are you planning on expanding the number of lookups one can use in PowerApp forms?

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Have you tried a Choice column to rule out if its related to the SharePoint list  lookup threshold?  Just a thought.


There is a Office365 Users connection that lets you search for users, and also get extended profile information for a (single) user. Maybe you can get this information pulled into your PowerApp when the users presses a button (More Person info). This connector is available in MS Flow.

The List View Lookup Threshold is actually a SharePoint limit. SharePoint blocks queries that exceed the list view threshold.

Running into the same issue here. There are a LOT of fields in SharePoint that count as lookup fields, which makes this a serious problem. Also when I add the SharePoint list as a data source, it wants to get all the fields. There is no way to customize that query if you start from the 'Customize forms' option on the SharePoint list.

All I can think of right now is to split up my data in two (or more) lists, but then I would need to add an additional data source in PowerApps studio to retrieve the 'linked data' from the other SharePoint lists.

At least that way you could bring down the number of lookup fields retrieved per data source, so it ends up within boundaries.

Far from ideal, obviously (if that works at all), would love some more sophisticated way to adjust those queries.

Seems like this is still a thing? In flow you can choose a view for "Limit Columns by View" ... but in powerapps... aka, the thing you need to use to edit forms... no can do?