Modify on specific column SharePoint List and email Person

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I would like to create PowerAutomate for SharePoint List, but need help for problem.

How to create trigger Flow where specific column (PODate, ProduksiMateriDate and DeliveryDate) on SharePoint List is input or modify after that send email based on person column

Because is different date and day for user input that column.

I give my screen shoot SharePoint List for better explanation.

Recommendations or a better trigger, or how to properly configure this trigger, would be greatly appreciated

Email when modify in column spesific.png



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Can anyone or somebody help my problem, please



If you want to send a notification to users when a specific column values changes, you can use List rules.


You can configure a list rule based on date column changes & then send a notification to user added to person or group column like:



You can find more information about Rules in SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists at: Rules in SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 

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I just tried with your information but still not receive email until I must modified two times.
because this list automated copied from another list, I'm using this flow for create this list




@lucas_ignatius if you're doing this with a flow in Power Automate you need to use the 'When an item or a file is changed' trigger then check whether that specific column has changed. If it has send the email, if it hasn't do nothing. An example of a flow like that is below. You must first make sre that versioning is switched on for your SharePoint list.










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Hi, I just tried and it didn't work



My Flow is