Microsoft Flow - How to create condition based on Document metadata

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I would like to trigger Microsoft Flow action in a document library based on a document's metadata.  The metadata (fields) don't appear under the selection.


How do you define a condition based on a document's metadata?


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Microsoft flow will retrive the item based on the list/document library choosen by you. It is matter of which action/condition you are trying.


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If it is not listed in the condition, we need to see the limitations of each condition/actions. Still we have a issue, some from MS team guide in future. 


Thanks @Vadivelu B.  Custom fields don't appear in the condition window.  So one cannot build a condition based on custom fields.



Yes Exactly. MS flow will be implement the new features soon as we expected.
The Flow will fire on every item, but you can branch the Flow conditionally - the actions should have access to the metadata. THerefor, flow starts and the first action branchs into "do something if the value is this, otherwise do nothing".
Sort of a list flow I can set values to custom fields, but for doc libs, those fields were not available. Is this is known gap?

@Mikael Svenson, precisely. doc lib custom fields are not surfaced in the condition pane. Had reached out to Microsoft's @Merwan Hade.  Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Chris McNulty (Microsoft) confirmed that this is currently not available. Flow will be expanded to support doc libs at GA.

@Chris McNulty

Adding support for document library metadata is high on our backlog and we will be adding this capability in the coming months.


Merwan Hade

Microsoft Flow

Is this feature (i.e. support for Document metadata in library in Flow) already available as Flow is now available for general use?

Is there an estimate on how conditions based on custom metadata this will be available for Flow both on Lists and Libraries? 


Also if you would like, please vote at the ideia at:




When can we expect this feature?

Our scenario is we want to create pages with specific content type On-Premise/Online.

We call a trigger to create Yammer post for it. Since we want the yammer user ID to impersonate, we want to store user ID as custom column in the pages library or use OOTB created by column

We are able to do the above steps. Issue is in MS Flow, we cannot read the custom column from Pages Library.


Alternative solutions are appreciated.

Hi Merwan,


Is there any update as we are a year further now?




Hi Jordy, 


First class support is currently in development and will be released in the near future. In the meanwhile, you can employ the following workaround. 


Simply type in the word Documents for the List name. This will pull in the existing column metadata for your document library. For example:



If you need to connect to another document library in your site. Navigate to the document library and select a particular document. Click on the Flow button and choose Create a flow. Select one of the templates from the right side pane, e.g. Complete a custom action for the selected file. This will open a new template in the Flow website. Simply copy the List Name of your document library and paste it into the SharePoint actions in your Flow.







Hi Merwan,

i am facing the same issue but i must admit i do not understand your proposal for Workaround (sorry!).



Create a conditional branch depending on custom Attribute in a document library.


Thanks in advance if You Can clarify the necessary steps for this.



Hi Ulrich, the workaround is no longer necessary. You can simply use the trigger called "When a file is created (properties only)". When you write the condition, you'll see the custom attribute as a dynamic content token.  

I have a flow that takes a received email and places the attachment in a SharePoint list.  I'd like to take the subject of the email trim the contents, and from that create metadata associated with the file.