Folder/sub-folders creation

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Hello everyone,


I have been trying to create a folder and sub-folders with flows, please refer to the below screenshot or attachment.



With the above work flow, from my understanding, a sub-folder 'Document' should be created within a folder (Could be any title) which users created library.

However, the 'Document' folder is also created after second run. For instance,


Test_1 (Parent Folder)

 - Document (Sub-folder)


- Document

Document (This is also created after Test_2 folder created)


Can you guys help/advise me to sort this issue?





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Did you find a solution for this? I am facing the same problem and cannot think through a way to prevent the second folder creation...


The flow creates the subfolder as asked for but it also creates the folder again inside the Document Library (and triggers the automation, creating a subfolder in it).