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I would like the user to be able to choose between different options when launching a workflow done in flow, but the 'input text, multi-selection list of options' doesn't work.

I can add it but as soon as I save and close the workflow, the input text is back to a normal input text.

Does anybody have a solution?




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@Geraldine007  have you seen this document? There is a section on multi-select - https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/rich-approvals-text-and-multiselect/.


You need to create an input text trigger that has your multiple select options, and then have the result of that input fed to the second step in the flow.

@NHelgren , hi.

Thanks for the link to the post, but I want to use the multi-selection option in a trigger "For a selected item".

I can add it but as soon as I save and close the flow, when I open again the flow, the input text has been converted back to a standard input text.

Maybe I'm missing some parameters?




I've got the same issue. I tried the Data operation JOIN but without success yet.



I tested this against a SharePoint list in my environment using a SharePoint "for a selected item" trigger, using a multi-select Text option.  I set the trigger, saved, closed, reopened and it was still set to be a multi-select text option.  I also tested using the manually started trigger.  What is the rest of your Flow like and what trigger are you using?  I have noticed sometimes Flow is flaky, I try to do something one day and its not working right, I do the same thing the next day and its fine.  Have you tried again and still see the same behavior?


The comments about using JOIN or a condition was just about evaluating the output to determine what options the user starting the Flow chose. 


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