Flow Fails. SPO List Doesn't Appear in Dialog.

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I have a flow that creates a SharePoint list item when an e-mail is flagged. The name of the SPO list has three words, each separated by a space, with a total of nineteen characters including spaces. This name is shown in the SPO list settings under 'name.' This flow works fine (except for a duplication issue that is not the subject of this post).

I tried to create a new flow, which would create an item in the same list when an Outlook task is created. The dialog for creating the flow in the PowerApps app recognizes the site where the list lives, but does not recognize the list. The flow fails.

Why? Is there a naming requirement for lists that my list name does not satisfy? What else could be the problem?


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Hi, this could be a cache problem. Please try to clear the cache and load the flow to check whether the list is available or not else try to load the flow page in a private window.
Thanks. That's not it, though :(