Flow: Cannot fetch new changes - exceeds the list view threshold

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I have a large list with over 15.000 items. After file migration, Microsoft flow was not able to fetch all changes. I got the following error: 

The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator


Is this a known in issue? 



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Hi Bernd,

I ran into this very issue recently after having gone live with a new document library to store a large number of files that were being hosted on a different (and costly) cloud platform. Of course, during testing the Flow was working great (picking up newly created and modified files) - but as soon as I brought everything over (73k+ files in total) and 'turned the lights on' the trigger would no longer trigger!

Anyways, I was able to resolve it by turning on indexing on the 'Modified' column. Since I hadn't seen this documented anywhere (and I did a lot of searching), I went ahead and created a post to walk you through the process in case you need more detailed guidance. Here's the link:


Of course, if you have exceeded 20k items you'll need to trim it below that to be able to turn on indexing, but otherwise it should be pretty painless. Let me know how it goes!

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