Export data from Forms and Import to Sharepoint Calendar with Flow?

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How can i use flow to extract data from a Microsoft Forms and then Insert data to a Sharepoint calednar.


In my form i have 1 question that ask for a date.

This is the date that i want to create an event in a sharepoint calendar.


Everything seems to work great. But then i realise that the date that comes from Forms is just plain text.

And i can not import plain text into a date field in a sharepoint calendar (or sharepoint list).

So i can not specify the date that the event should be created on.


Is there anyway to change the format of the data in flow and then import it?

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Hi @Oskar Kuus


You could use a similar approach to what we used in our other thread with regards to using an expression. I don't know what the format of your date is, when in string format, but I would be looking to use the formatDateTime expression and formatting it in the required way e.g. yyyy-MM-dd

Usually you can put your cursor in the field you want to put the date in in SharePoint then select "See more" from your list of available  Dynamic Content from Forms and you can put the date in anyways if it is in the right format.  

Yes actually i solved this in a wierd way.


I could not take the date directly from forms and input into the calendar.

But if i first created a list with columns of the data i wanted in the calendar.

Then i could move the data from the list to the calendar.


So now my flow works and works like this:

When form is being completed > move data to list in sharepoint > move data to calendar i sharepoint.


Only downside now is that the date field in Microsoft Forms can not indicate Times.

And there is no timeselector in Forms :(


Well one step closer to a perfect world :)

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