Easier Onboarding of Microsoft 365 Users with Power Automate and Forms

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Seeking for a method to automate user onboarding? With the Microsoft's powerful automation tool, onboarding users in an organization has become a lot easier and more efficient, helping to save time, and reducing the chance of errors or delays in completion.


Let us suppose an organization’s admin is responsible for adding new users. The admin needs to collect relevant mandatory information about new employees. Traditionally, this process involves filling out paper forms and manually transferring the data to spreadsheets. Even in a technical way, each onboarding task will be handled separately. However, with Power Automate and Forms, the admin can streamline the process by automating the data collection, assigning the manager, getting the approval and notification steps, and everything in one go.


Take a moment to read the blog below and leverage the power of Power Automate to streamline and automate one of your tasks.


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Some issues this method, just on the top of my mind from skimming through it:
1. You don't get any validation within the form, especially for emails
2. Same with UPN, an manager might know that there already exist a user with the same name and user name. This will cause an error in the flow
3. You are missing checks and balances, What happens if the flow fails? if an user already exist ? If it has invalid characters etc etc
Thanks for your feedback, Nic.

We understand the importance of incorporating the requested error validation checks. These checks will be taken into consideration for future updates to further improve the workflow.
For you reference, here's how to implement the check for verifying if the user already exists in my existing flow.

After receiving the response details, we shall add 'Search for users' action and pass 'User's UPN' as input. Then, we include a condition to check if the output length of this action is 0. If true, it indicate that the user doesn't exist, since the action couldn't retrieve any output. If false, there already exists a user with the passed UPN, we'll send an email notification. This enhancement ensures a more comprehensive workflow.

Also, we're working on an improvised version of this workflow which includes the conditions you've specified. We'll keep you posted about the same. Thanks for addressing this anyways.